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Silently Smoking Stromboli and a Celebration

It is our first day at sea and Greg woke me up early (around 7am) so we could be on the upper deck of the ship while we passed Stromboli. What an amazing morning.

Not only was the morning amazing but as we were passing by Stromboli, puffs of smoke started erupting out of the mountain. The next day, Stromboli erupted, resulting in lava flowing down the volcano to the ocean.

And no, I didn't crop the bottom photo to get the top photo. The top photo was taken by me with my telephoto lens and the bottom was taken by Greg with the wide-angle lens. The benefit of having two shooters when action is happening.

We also had a smokey view of Etna puffing away in the distance. When we returned to Sicily later in the cruise, Etna was covered in cloud for most of the day, so we felt fortunate to witness these two iconic volcanoes.

Oh, and did I mention that it was Greg's birthday? So now he is as old as me. While we were out on deck then eating breakfast, our wonderful cabin attendant, Anna, had a surprise for Greg. Ballons for the room and a bottle of sparkling wine. PLus he got two happy birthday cakes. One at lunch and one at dinner. We ate lunch at Sushi on Five, which was delicious, and the staff even sang Happy Birthday. We ate dinner at the main dining room.

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