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Bumpy Baggage Botch

We were very organized, for a change, and ready for our long awaited, twice cancelled, holiday to Italy and the Mediterranean. We will be spending seven days in roam then hopping aboard our long, almost forgotten friend, the Celebrity Reflection for a 10 night Mediterranean cruise.

The flight from Calgary to Toronto was probably the smoothest flight to date I have

experienced on this route. So smooth, I was able to start the rewrite of the Wikipedia page for Sarah Winchester.

This was unlike the flight from Toronto to Rome. Not too freaky, just almost constant movement and very little service as a result. Especially no hot beverages! And my motion sickness kicked in big time. Thank you Big Pharma for Gravol, or, for you Americans, Dramamine.

After our luggage was lost on our return from Newfoundland in June, (yes because of a connection through Toronto) we decided to invest in Apple Air Tags. Our luggage faithfully followed us to Toronto, then our shoe bag decided it preferred to stay in Canada. I have to say, it was much better knowing that our bag was left behind vs standing and waiting at the luggage carousel.

We arrived safely to our B & B (which doesn't serve breakfast because of COVID) where we had to take a ride up a very old elevator. You know, the kind that has multiple doors that need to be opened and closed, that barely fits three people and moves so slowly that it is faster to walk up the stairs. We were very grateful, however, that we didn't have to walk up five flights with our luggage.

We love the location and the view from our room. We did a very short walk then stopped at one of many restaurants for an amazing meal. We were early for dinner (No food is served between 3 and 6 and most don't have dinner until much later, especially when it is summer and hot out) but we were hungry since we hadn't eaten since breakfast on the plane.

A truly amazing meal...high on the Susan Gerbic Frou Frou..with great service from three people. If you are in Rome check out Aqualunae.

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