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Adrienne at Adriana's Abode

It's October 1 and we had an early start on our first tour we booked for Italy. Giulio D'ercole picked us up at 8:00 am to take us on a photo tour of Villa Adriana (of Hadrian's wall fame) and Villa d'Este (home of Cardinal d'Este). We feel very fortunate to have been included on this tour since he was already booked by a lovely German named Annette, who graciously allowed us to join with her on this private (now semi private) tour. Unlike many tours that we saw rushing around and leaving after a few minutes at each point of interest, we lingered, admired and learned the history while improving our photography skills.

We did some topsy turvy things....

How cool is that? I hope you noticed this picture is upside down. And it is a picture of the reflections in one of the many pools at Villa Adriana.

One of may favourite pics of the day was taken in the museum at Villa d'Este while Giulio shone a light on one side of this sculpture.

Another favourite:

If you want to see more pics visit the gallery page.


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